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Title Author Description/Timeframe Rating Size
A Dish Best Served Cold
Trekkieb & Claire
A complete Round Robin. It has no specific time-frame, related to the series. The Jump Street team is kidnapped by a sinister criminal with a taste for revenge. WARNING: Contains death of major character! PG 178KB
Fireflies April Part 1 of the "Farewell" series, set shortly after Hanson is released from prison. PG 14KB
Something to Believe In April Part 2 of the "Farewell" series, set right after "Blackout" in the fourth season. PG 8KB
Farewell April Part 3 of the "Farewell" series, set one week after "Blackout" in the 4th season. PG 11KB
Chao anh, chi April Part 4 of the "Farewell" series. "Chao anh, chi" is Vietnamese for "farewell". PG 18KB
Boo Day April Set during the 3rd season, before "Nemesis". Hanson and Booker celebrate their birthday. PG 16KB
Pathways, Pt.1 April Hanson is injured when the Chapel is bombed. R 125KB
First Impression Cherry Introduction of a new character to the Jump Street team PG 26KB
House of Cards Claire :p Part 1 of the "Aftershocks" series, set in January/February of 1990. An earthquake hits the city. PG 156KB
Hit and Run
(a.k.a. The Goon Hunt)
Claire :p Part 2 of the "Aftershocks" series, set in the Summer of 1990. Harry and Tom go on a Goon Hunt. (Warning: Some heavy-duty swearing in this one.) PG 199KB
Beginner's Luck Claire :p Part 3 of the "Aftershocks" series, set in the late Fall of 1990. Harry and Tom open the agency for business and solve their first case. PG 157KB
The Untouchables Claire :p Part 4 of the "Aftershocks" series, set in January of 1992. The guys discover the down-side of fame, when their reputation for eliminating mobsters gets them into trouble. R 176KB
Epilogue: The Big One Claire :p Final part of the "Aftershocks" series, set in April of 1993. No, California doesn't fall into the Pacific ocean, but it's a pretty big shock, all the same. G 19KB
Ain't It a Drag Claire :p Hanson, Penhall and Ioki take on an assignment for our old friend, Spencer Phillips. Set during Season 2, in between "Besieged" and "Christmas in Saigon". PG 222KB
If I Fell Claire :p One explanation as to why Hanson and Ioki left the police force. Set in 1990 and 1994. R 198KB
Hey, Partner Claire :p No timeframe. Just a silly vignette about how partners drive each other nuts. PG 9KB
How the Grinch Saved Christmas Claire :p December 24, 1989 (4th season). Hoffs is having a really lousy Christmas, 'til her teammates rescue it for her. G 21KB
Lola Claire :p In response to the Song Challenge. Set during the 4th season, after "Out of Control". Dougie and Harry go on a date. PG 37KB
Mother's Day Claire :p In response to the Silly Challenge. PG 11KB
My Hallucination with Andre Claire :p In response to the Movie Quote Challenge. No particular timeframe. Harry gets a bad soda and goes on a little trip. PG 29KB
My Brother's Keeper Claire :p Judy and Harry get a day off...but why does nothing ever go right on Jump Street? Set during the 4th season, several months after "Draw the Line", but Booker is still with Jump Street. R 152KB
The One-Shot Option Claire :p Set in the 4th season, ~1yr. after "Draw the Line". R 110KB
Snow Day Claire :p Set late in the 4th season, or what would be winter of the 5th season. Hanson and Ioki are trapped in a deserted school with an armed nutcase. It gets a little bloody. R 47KB
Inmate Debbie Set at the beginning of season 4. Hanson has been in prison for four months, and Ioki is still in a coma. Warning: Contains a rape scene, adult situations and language! R 159KB
Caught in the Middle Firebunee With there cover blown Tom and Doug are unknowningly caught in the middle of a police cover up. R 94KB
The Kitten Intruders Firebunee Tom is trying to sleep only to be disturbed by strange sounds in the hallway. G 10KB
The Lost Firebunee Booker met the love of his life. She's perfect for him. They begin their life together what could go wrong. What will happen when it does. Contains some detail of a rape and a death of a charactor... not a Jump Street Charactor. R 119KB
Trapped Firebunee Hanson/Booker are the only Jump Street officers sent to train with Metro when the training excercises go wrong. It's a race againist time to find the missing injured officers before a madman tracks them down. R 144KB
Waylon County High Firebunee Hanson, Penhall and Booker are loaned to a school in rural Waylon County to find those responsable for hazing and assulting students. R 176
Vengeance Firebunee The sequal to Waylon County High. Darren Thompson has escaped after only a few days in lock up. It has taken no time to catch up with an injured Tom Hanson. It's going to take more than Booker and Penhall to save him before Darren gets his revenge. R 264KB
The Last Two Jeanine In response to the Silly Challenge. G 7KB
She's All I Got Jeanine A response to the Song Challenge. Short on plot, long on fluff and angst - you have been warned. G 6KB
Stranded Kate Hanson, Penhall and Booker are trapped in the mountains. R 111KB
A Stranger Among Us Kevin A new member is sent into the Chapel under cover for Internal Affairs. This is his story. Set during Season 3. PG 15KB
Reel Time Kevin In response to the Movie Quote Challenge. Short and silly! PG 5KB
Big Time Natashja A new cop joins the Jump Street team and makes major changes in Harry's life. PG 34KB
Buried Alive Sushi This story is set in Swallowed Alive (Season 3): a missing scene, after the scene where McQuaid (Hanson) goes to Morty's office to make a phone call and before we see Hanson walk, head down through the stilled room full of inmates, to his cell. Warning, contains rape scene. R 20KB
Beginnings Trekkieb One take on why Hanson left the Force. PG 12KB
Hey, I've Seen This Movie Trekkieb After a disastrous Christmas Eve, Harry Ioki goes on a trip with a guy named Phil. Set late in Season 4. PG 35KB
In Need of a Miracle Trekkieb Angst (to make Claire happy). PG 9KB
Love & War Trekkieb In response to the "Object of My Affection" challenge. All's fair in love and war, as they say. Wait a minute, no it isn'tů G 13KB
Mall Madness Trekkieb In response to the Serendipity's first Quote Challenge. Tom, Doug and Harry go shopping for a Birthday gift. Stuff happens. No particular time frame. PG 22KB
Murder So Sweet Trekkieb In response to the Silly Challenge. PG 6KB


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