Shit, thought Morty, grabbing the coffee pot, the boss had just read the riot act read to him … again! And all because that little punk McQuaid had gotten rid of the hammer, and Morty used that hammer as a way of controlling his house in the detention centre … "what, isn't Morty up to running the house anymore, punks like McQuaid seem to be able to decide how things will be run, not him ..." … shit, another year in this stinking place, and in a year's time, I'll probably be thinking exactly the same thing. Shit, shit, shit. In High School he had been the football jock, big, strong, powerful … he'd thought he had it all, he was in his prime, he was at the top of his game, the girls all loved him, the future was bound to bring even more of that. Now … his once great body was going to fat … a couple more years and he'd have a real belly in front of him. His once bright future had gone to seed too … an injury had put paid to the football career, he never was that smart, and he'd ended up in a series of dead end jobs. Like this … shit … all these losers, thinking they were so clever, so big, had all the answers … shit, if they were lucky they'd end up just like him, if not (more likely), they'd end up in prison most of their adult lives as well as their teen years. Except maybe that little shit McQuaid. Shit … he really did have it all … he had the looks, the brains … I bet all the girls go for him … he got to the top in here, despite being a scrawny little ass, bet he'll get to the top outside too … not like me …

Just then Hanson sauntered into Morty's office and picked up the phone. Morty put down coffee pot … shit, speak of the devil, the little punk deserves nothing, he gets nothing from me … "What the hell do you think you are doing, prisoners aren't allowed to use the telephone." Hanson put the phone down … shit, like I really need this now, just let me make this call and I'll be out of here … "I'll pay for it."

Morty picked up the hammer … I'll smash his hand if doesn't put the phone down, maybe smash that pretty face while I'm at it … "Get your hand off that phone or I'll break your neck, you little maggot … from now on you call me MISTER Gusman, you got it? You listen up punk … I thought you were smart enough to really run this zone, and that's important to me, because this is MY house … a kid goes into the hole, he lives in MY house. See, we got laws, boy, same as up above … you could have been the man … hell, I was even thinking of giving you Bruno's dope action … but you blew it … you were too big for the law, weren't you, huh?" Morty pushed the hammer against Hanson's chest .. you were too good for this place, better than the rest of us … too nice for the law. Morty pushed Hanson's chin up with the hammer, "Well now the law's going to make you pay boy." … and around here I'm the law, and I'm going to make you pay, pay for being everything that I'm not, everything that I thought I would be, want to be.

Hanson said "I can get it back."

Morty thought for a moment, "Fine, you take out Bloodhound and Meat, and all the rest of the home boys and we'll talk again." … and I hope they tear you to pieces when you try. Morty lowered the hammer. Hanson reached into his jeans to get some money, "Look, what do you want? A C-note man? I got it right here." … just let me make the call, man, and I'll be out of here. Morty grabbed for the money, Hanson grabbed the phone handset and started to dial. Morty cut the phone off with the hammer … oh no you don't, I decide what happens around here "No phone calls … now get your scrawny little ass out of here." Morty pushed Hanson away with the hammer.

Mr Lewis, another of the guards, entered Morty's office behind Hanson. Hanson contemptuously threw the phone handset down and went to leave the office. Lewis turns to unlock the door …

Morty snapped, shouted, "You little maggot … you get back here … you leave when I let you … Lewis, lock that door." Hanson returned and stood in front of Morty. Morty, "You need to learn a few manners boy, you need to learn who really runs this place." Hanson sighed, "Oh, and you're going to teach me?" … Like hell you are Hanson turned to go. Morty grabbed Hanson by the upper arm and pulled him back to face him, pulled him close and grabed his other arm. He said, "Lewis, make sure no one comes in, we wouldn't want anyone interrupting us now, would we?" Lewis went to the door, locked it and pulled down the blind over the window.

Hanson was still not too worried, he decided the time had come to stop the situation from getting out of hand, time to let Morty know what was really going on, "I'm a cop … if I don't make a phone call soon, my chief is coming looking for me … you wouldn't want to do anything you might regret." Morty laughed, pushing Hanson backwards towards the desk, "Yeah, sure punk, even if that were true, he won't be coming here anytime real soon, so we still have enough time for a little bit of fun before the cavalry comes to your rescue … supposing I really believed you in the first place. Morty turned to Lewis, "Get rid of this stuff so we got some room to play." Lewis cleared the desk with a couple of sweeps of his arm.

Morty pushed Hanson back against the desk. Hanson felt the edge of the deskbite into the back of his thighs. He now realised how out of control Morty had become, and he started to panic a bit, "C'mon … stop, now, and nothing will happen to you, I won't say anything about this to my captain." … just let me out of here, and you'll be out so fast you won't know what hit you.

Morty spun Hanson around to face the desk, grabbed his handcuffs out of his pocket with one hand, "Lewis … help me here, help me hold him". Lewis grabbed Hanson's free arm and helped Morty cuff Hanson's hands behind his back. Morty slammed Hanson face down on the desk, one hand pinning Hanson to the desk, "Lewis, stuff something in his mouth, we wouldn't want anyone coming in to share the fun." Lewis pulled his handkerchief out of his pocket, balled it up, and stuffed it into Hanson's mouth.

Morty was losing control, beginning to pant with anticipation of making Hanson suffer for everything that Morty had to put up with, "Listen punk, that little stunt you pulled, you know, with the hammer, you think you're so much better than the rest of us, than me … well, you ain't, you're in here with the rest of the scum, because that's what you are, scum, just the rest of the home boys out there. You think that pretty face of yours makes you better, all it does is make life easier for you … it is easier isn't it, I bet you just flash those eyes and everyone comes running … ready to give you everything you want … well, this time it's me who gets what he wants, and right now, that's making you pay for making me look bad. Lewis, if you want some of this, you'd better help me here … help me hold him."

Lewis was confused, he wasn't sure what Morty was planning, but it didn't look right. But then, Morty was his boss, Morty could make his life miserable if he didn't go along with this. What did he care what happened to Hanson, he was just another punk kid who deserved to be in this place, so probably deserved whatever was about to happen here. He went to the other side of the desk and helped hold Hanson down by leaning on his shoulders.

Morty moved against Hanson, pinning him to the desk. OK, now that he had the little punk where he wanted him, what was he going to do with him? All his anger,his frustration, his resentment, boiled up in him again. Beating the shit out of hime just wasn't going to be good enough, he wanted to humiliate him too, make him really know who was in control here. He felt a surge of lust move through him, he knew just what to do. He reached round to undo Hanson's belt, slid down the zip to his jeans, and pulled the jeans past his ass. Then he undid his own belt and zip, and pulls his pants down … his erect cock reared expectantly. Hanson could feel it brushing against him, and started to struggle furiously. Morty and Lewis tightened their hold, keeping him in place. The only sound now the panting for breath from the three men; Morty and Lewis panting from excitement and anticipation, Hanson panting in fear and exertion from his struggles. Hanson could feel Morty's cock thrusting at him, trying to gain entry; Morty grabbed his cock in one hand to help guide it to he desired goal. Hanson tried to yell at Morty to stop, stop, stop when he felt the head of Morty's cock at his hole, but the gag only helped to make it sound like a series of moans.

"Want this, do you, bitch? Well, guess what, you're really going to get it this time." Morty thrust viciously into Hanson … a euphoric feeling of power swept through him, threatening to make him come right there and then … he finally had control, he was better than Hanson wasn't he? He was the one who could do whatever he wanted to, he was the one the one doing the fucking this time, not the one getting fucked, by the job, the boss, the whole world … he was in charge here, and he was going to make sure Hanson knew it. He paused, his cock buried all the way in Hanson, to get some control back. God, this felt good, Hanson struggling and screaming because of what he was doing to him … he wanted the feeling to go on and on. Another surge of lust swept through him, and he withdrew his cock nearly all the way out, before thrusting back in with all his weight behind him. He lost control, and just kept smashing into Hanson as hard and fast as he could; all his frustration, anger and resentment taken out on the helpless, beautiful man trapped beneath him. He exploded in the most cataclysmic orgasm he'd ever experienced, and collapsed exhausted and drenched with sweat onto Hanson, his fetid, panting breath flooding Hanson's face.

When Hanson first was slammed onto the desk, he thought he was about to cop a severe beating, and he hoped he would get out of this quickly and without too many bruises … Morty wouldn't hurt him too much, would he? … Morty knew Hanson's probation officer came to see him, and would notice if there were too many bruises. Hanson realised he was in serious trouble when he felt Morty's hand reach round for his belt buckle … shit, this can't be happening … he'd managed to avoid all the home boys in the showers, even after Booker and Ioke got transferred, and Penhall got shipped to the loony bin … the hammer had kept him safe, no-one was game to try it on, but now … he hadn't been prepared for this … he should have been more careful. The hot, hard head of Morty's cock against his ass hole made him panic … he was screaming stop … stop … stop … but this only seemed to spur Morty on. The first thrust nearly undid him, he nearly passed out from the sudden pain and shock … Morty stopped inside him, and he had a moment to recover … Morty was saying something, but Hanson couldn't think past what had just happened … it hurt so much … he wanted Morty's cock out more than anything, it was tearing him apart inside, but he was scared that the withdrawal would only make the pain worse. He felt a surge go through Morty, and tried to relax his body for the next move … but it wasn't enough … at Morty's first withdrawal it felt as though his insides were being pulled out with the cock … he started screaming into the gag again. The pain intensified with each frantic thrust and withdrawal … Hanson was screaming and begging, one part of his mind half grateful the gag stopped Morty and Lewis understanding what he was screaming …Morty was so out of control, it would probably have made him go harder if he knew how much Hanson was begging him to stop. By the end Hanson was exhausted, and could do nothing to stop Morty's crushing weight on him.

Lewis was stunned … what was Morty going to do to the punk … Jeez, so the little shit had slammed the phone down, it wasn't like it was the only bit of rubbish that had happened to Morty today, what was he getting so uptight about? Morty was being a real shit head lately … OK, if wanted to show the kid who was boss, and Morty wanted him to help hold the kid down while Morty gave a working over, he would. It wasn't worth putting up with Morty's foul mood for the rest of the shift if he didn't go along, Hanson probably deserved it anyway. But when Mort pulled Hanson's jeans down Lewis nearly let go of Hanson from the shock … surely he wasn't ? … Jeez, he'd never been a part of anything like that. But one look at Morty's face told him he'd better not say anything now, Morty looked like he'd kill anyone who tried to stop him. Lewis felt the desk move as Morty slammed into Hanson the first time … oh, shit, what was Morty going to do? He looked at Morty's face as he paused inside Hanson … my god, Morty was totally transported, he looked like he'd just won the lotto and had every wish he'd ever had, granted. As Lewis watched Morty rape Hanson he got more and more excited … shit, I want some of that feeling too … he could feel his cock stirring as he felt Hanson struggling under his hands, and heard him crying into his gag … I want have total control over this little piece of shit too. Morty collapsed onto Hanson … now it's my turn ….

Morty rose from Hanson, his breathing more under control, but the sweat still dripping off his face, dripping onto Hanson. He could feel Hanson's ragged breathing, through his connection … he looked down at his cock. He could see the blood smeared on his thighs and lower stomach, and on Hanson too. He pulled his cock out of Hanson's abused body, and saw the cum and blood drip out. He was shocked at his reaction … it excited him, knowing he'd really hurt Hanson … he should have felt remorse, but his biggest regret was that he wasn't ready to go back and start again. He looked up at Lewis, and saw the glaze of lust in Lewis's eyes … looks like Hanson's going to get fucked again anyway. Lewis saw that Morty understood and approved of his intent. They let go of Hanson to change places. Hanson tried to get up, but was held down easily enough by the two bigger men. They shuffled round the desk, keeping Hanson in place, till Lewis was behind Hanson, and was getting himself ready. Hanson was panicking and struggling, trying to stop them with words swallowed by the tear, sweat and saliva drenched gag … his eyes beseeching them to stop … stop … stop. No good, the other two men were too far gone in their frenzy, nothing would get them to stop now … and they didn't.

The next morning, Hanson woke in Morty's office. The moment his eyes opened, the pain brought back every detail of the attack … the pain, the humiliation, the fear … he had been totally under the control of the two bigger men. Anything they wanted to do, they did, and there was nothing he could do to stop them … god, he didn't know which was worse, the pain, or the helplessness. He looked around, and saw Morty watching him. Panic infused every nerve in Hanson's body … he couldn't go through anything like that again. Morty stood, walked over to the sofa Hanson lay on, and stood over him.

"Good morning, punk, now listen, and listen good … if you want to get out of here, nothing happened last night … you felt sick, and Lewis and me let you sleep it off in here, right? Now … what happened?" Hanson tried to swallow, his mouth was dry. Morty was not kidding, he wouldn't get out of the office alive if he even thought about what had happened, but he had to get out of the office before Morty started thinking about last night too much … "I got sick … you let me stay here. I feel better now."

"Good … now get out of here."

Hanson tried to get out of the sofa … the pain nearly stopped him, but he managed to stand up. He knew if he didn't move soon he was in real trouble … he started walking slowly to the door. He opened the door … the recreation room outside Morty's office was full, but they all fell silent as he started to make his way across the room …