Penhall grumbled loudly for the millionth time, as he searched through the chapel attic for the video of the "Forest Lawn High School" video.

The video had helped put away a dope dealer who had only been seventeen. Not that he needed it for another case, because that had been sewed up almost a year ago. What Doug really wanted it for was the black mail material.

Dusty boxes, old pipes, and Christmas decorations stood between him and the eternal embarrassment of one Tom Hanson.

Just as he reached forward to the last, and magical cardboard box that held is prize, the largest, biggest, and scariest man leapt from the shadows. Doug's cat like reflexes saved him. To the layman, it may have looked as if he had yelped in fright and tripped on the chair behind him, but in truth it was his well thought out, ninja like reflexes.

Just as he was about to deliver a crushing blow to incapacitate his foe (which looked remarkably like wind milling arms.) his sharp senses told him that the bruiser in front of him was just a plastic Santa left from Christmas.

"Step aside, Red!" he announced, pushing the decoration over.

With his heartbeat under control, he fished inside the box. For a brief moment, the thought that his prize was truly lost forever tugged at the corner of his mind. Then, his eye's caught the label that meant he had struck gold.

Plucking the video, he ran downstairs like a child who had just raided the candy store.

*** *** ***

"Don't know where we're going, but no use being late." Ioki exclaimed to Hoffs as Doug scampered from upstairs.

"Harry, it's just up the street. Do you have to be so dramatic about it? It's just a teeth cleaning for crying out loud." Judy sighed. "It's not like your walking the plank into a desperate pit."

"Obviously, you've never been to Dr. Mengele of the tooth profession." he retorted. "The last time he greeted me was with, I killed the president of Paraguay with a fork. How are you?"

"You don't want to leave quite yet!" Doug chimed in, "I found it!"

Doug marched to the television, and popped the tape into the VCR. The three gathered around, and stared skeptically at the blank screen.

"This is the only footage of Tom on film, and it's a doozie."

The screen flickered to life. The scene was obviously of a school dance. Doug pushed the fast forward button, until he had reached the point he wanted. The grainy tape showed Penhall, Ioki, and Hanson standing in front of a giant pumpkin. Each was dressed as Dracula.

"Great, It's the blood sucking Brady Bunch!" Judy quipped. "What's so funny about this, though?"

"Well, for the two years before this, we each dressed like this," Doug started.

Harry started to giggle. "I remember this. Tom was bound and determined to stop the redundancy. It was hilarious. I can't believe this is on tape."

Judy looked closer, now fully engrossed. There stood Tom, then with a flurry he pulled his suit off from under the cape. Just as quickly, he pulled on a black curly wig. In all of his splendor, he stood in a red leather teddy.

"I am Frank N Furter." he announced. "From the Rocky Horror Picture Show!"

Judy stared in disbelief. "Your right, Doug, If you promise to burn this I'm sure you could get him to do your paperwork for at least a month,"

As if on cue, all three began to giggle uncontrollably.


The End