Harry Ioki yawned and stretched as he looked up from his reports. Crickets chirped outside the stained glass windows of Jump Street Chapel. An owl hooted mournfully in the distance.

Ioki looked around the main office. Judy Hoffs' head lay on her desk and she snored softly. Clavo Penhall curled up on a large beanbag near his Uncle Doug's desk. A scowl creased Doug Penhall's face as he filled out a report. Ioki's gaze strayed over to the desk nearest Penhall. It was empty, but the faded outlines of posters on the wall behind it were visible in the moonlight.

Up until a month ago, the desk had belonged to Tom Hanson. After four years of service, Hanson quit the Jump Street Program and the police force to run a bowling alley in Philly. Hanson claimed personal reasons for his departure, but Ioki had accidentally seen a report on Captain Adam Fuller's desk from the police shrink. According to the report, Hanson was starting to suffer the symptoms of a massive nervous breakdown. Words like "attempted suicide" and "severe mental and physical trauma" filled the pages. Ioki never mentioned the report to Hoffs and Penhall. Although he suspected that Penhall knew the truth since he and Hanson had spent several minutes in Fuller's office before Hanson left for Philly.

Ioki sighed and stood up. He strolled over to the fridge and grabbed a can of Coke. He popped it open and started his way back to his desk. Just then, a man in a dark suit strutted into Jump Street Chapel.

"Can I help you?" Ioki asked respectfully.

"My name is Rilley, INS," The man showed a badge. Ioki paled. Penhall looked up from his work and glared at the man. He picked up Clavo and protectively held the boy close. Hoffs jumped awake and looked around, confused at first. When she saw the INS agent, she growled under her breath. Fuller emerged from his office and approached the agent.

"I am Captain Adam Fuller. What are you doing here?" Fuller demanded.

"I'm looking for Harry Truman Ioki, also known as Vinh Van Tran." Rilley said after consulting a clipboard.

"I'm H.T. Ioki," Ioki spoke up. "What's wrong?"

"Do you know a Meyong Van Tran?"

"She's my grandmother," Ioki answered.

"We have received a request for a visa for a Meyong Van Tran from Saigon, Vietnam."

Ioki looked confused. "Why did Grandma decide to immigrate now, at her age? She was living with my aunt and uncle…"

"Your aunt and uncle died recently in a car accident. According to Mrs. Tran, you are her only living relative and heir."

Ioki stood in shock, and then he wobbled on his feet. Penhall hurried over to Ioki and wrapped an arm around the other man, steadying him. "Easy, Harry," Penhall said as he lead Ioki to his desk chair.

Rilley glanced at his clipboard again. "According to our records, you were recently naturalized as a U.S. citizen. Is that true?"

"Yes," Ioki whispered.

"What the hell do you want with Ioki, Rilley? Stop torturing the man!" Penhall roared. Rilley stepped back, his eyes wide. The agent scanned his clipboard, then looked at Penhall in confusion.

"Who are you?"

"That's none of your damned business, pal! Just tell us what you want with our friend!" Penhall growled.

"We are here to confirm Mrs. Tran's story before issuing a visa for her."

"Where is Grandma right now?" Ioki asked.

"Your grandmother is staying at the U.S. embassy in Tokyo, Japan." Rilley saluted Ioki and the rest of the Jump Street cops, then left the building.

Fuller stood before Ioki's desk. "Harry, are you alright?" The Vietnamese cop's face was ashen and tears streaked down his face.

"Yeah, I'm OK," Ioki shook himself. "I'll have those reports done by midnight, I promise Captain."

Fuller's dark hand rested on the stack of papers. "No, why don't you take the rest of the night off. The reports can wait until later."

"Thank you, Captain," Ioki neatly placed the papers in a manila folder. He stood up and quietly left Jump Street Chapel.

In the parking lot, Ioki paused at the door of his car. He gazed up at the full moon. A warm late spring breeze ruffled his long black hair. Before Ioki could turn around and open his car door, a large hand clamped down on his shoulder.

"Hey, Harry," A deep voice boomed in Ioki's ear. Ioki winced.

"Hello, Andrew," Ioki faced Andrew Miles, the police academy's former Martial Arts instructor. "What are you doing here?"

"Just checking up on my best pupil," Andrew beamed.

"Really?" Ioki raised an eyebrow. "So you decided to walk from your place a mile from here, late at night, just to see me?"

"Well, yeah," Andrew smiled. "I have a job offer for you, Harry."

"Job offer for me?" Ioki repeated.

"I'm starting my own dojo and I'd like you to teach there," Andrew said.

Ioki dropped his keys and bent down to pick them up. He jingled them slightly as he thought. "You want me to quit Jump Street and become a teacher at your dojo?"

"Why not? You were my best pupil and I'm sure you don't use your skills a lot in cases. I mean, how many teens are Bruce Lee wannabes?"

Ioki smirked. "Let me think on it, OK?"

"Sure. The dojo won't be ready for another two months," Andrew turned to leave. "Nice seeing you again, Harry."

"Same here," Ioki smiled and climbed into his car.


[Two Months Later]

Ioki shuffled from foot to foot in the Metro International Airport. Penhall, Clavo, Hoffs, and Fuller stood with him. Ioki glanced at the wall clock.

"What is taking the plane so long?" Ioki wailed.

"Harry, be patient. It's coming from Japan, remember?" Hoffs said.

Just then, a 747 taxied up to the gate. Ioki held his breath as the passengers disembarked. A tiny lady using a cane hobbled up to him. Her bright eyes scanned over Ioki.

"Vinh?" She asked in a quiet voice.

"Grandma!" Ioki hugged his grandmother. "I'm called Harry now, remember?"

In heavily accented English, Meyong said, "I remember. These you friends?"

"Yes. Grandma meet Captain Adam Fuller, Detective Judy Hoffs, Officer Doug Penhall, and Clavo Penhall." Ioki made the introductions. Clavo suddenly frowned.

"I don't have a title in front of my name!" He protested. Penhall laughed and picked up his nephew. Clavo hugged Penhall. "Uncle Doug, can I get a title in front of my name?" He looked up at Penhall with large dark eyes.

"We'll see, Squirt," Penhall promised. Clavo kissed Penhall's cheek.

Ioki picked up a bouquet of flowers and gave them to his grandmother. She smiled at him and patted his cheek. "Thank you, Vinh-Harry," She said.

"You know, Harry," Fuller spoke up. "We should get going. I'm sure Mrs. Tran doesn't want to stand here all day."

"Of course, Captain. Grandma, are you ready to go to my place?"

"I go," Mrs. Tran trotted off to the luggage carousal. Ioki and the rest had to hurry to catch up with her.

Once Mrs. Tran's meager belongings had been gathered up, the group left for Ioki's apartment. Mrs. Tran's eyes widened with surprise when she saw Ioki's large apartment.

"Harry, you do well here in America," She commented. Ioki blushed. "What you do here in America?"

"I'm an undercover police officer, Grandma," Harry answered proudly. Mrs. Tran frowned in dismay.

"Why do that? Not able find good job?" Her voice rose as she spoke.

Before Ioki answered, Fuller spoke up. "Mrs. Tran, I think it's time my officers and myself take leave of you and Harry. You must have a lot of catching up to do," Fuller shook her hand. "Good bye, Mrs. Tran and welcome to America."

Penhall and Hoffs also shook the old woman's hand. Clavo stood on tiptoes and kissed the woman's wrinkled cheek. Mrs. Tran smiled at the little boy. "Bye, Mrs. Train," Clavo chirped. Penhall giggled but didn't correct his nephew.

Once the other officers were gone, Ioki sat next to his grandmother. The pair talked long into the night. [The Next Morning]

Doug Penhall entered Jump Street Chapel with little Clavo at his heels. Penhall held his keys, ready to unlock the door. The door had already been unlocked. Frowning, he pushed it open.

"Hello?" Penhall called out.

Harry Ioki looked up from his desk. "Doug, what are you doing here so early?" Hoffs and Fuller looked up from where they were talking in a corner. Both African-American officers were upset.

"I need to finish up some paper work, then Clavo and I are gonna go and visit Tom in Philly."

"How is Tom?"

"He's doing OK. He likes running the bowling alley," Penhall hesitated. Ioki leaned forward.

"Doug, I know Tom was having some…mental problems. How is he mentally?"

"Getting better. It's not easy for him, but he's getting help."

Ioki nodded his head. "I'm glad." He resumed placing his possessions in a box. A trickle of fear ran down Penhall's spine.

"Ioki, what are you doing with that box?" He pointed at the box.

"I'm leaving Jump Street, Doug," Ioki said. Penhall paled and would have fainted had Ioki not shoved a chair under him. Clavo hugged his uncle's leg.

"Why? Why is everyone leaving?" Penhall whispered.

"My grandmother is worried about my current career. You have to remember the undercover officers she knew were evil. They were spies for the Communists and worse. Also, I'm the only family Grandma has left. It's not right for her to have her worry every day about when I'll come home. Or if I'll come home," Ioki frowned and shivered.

"What will you do?" Penhall asked.

"Remember Andrew Miles?"

"The Torturer from the Academy?" Penhall groaned as he remembered his Academy days.

"The same. Anyway, he's opening his own dojo. And he wants me to teach there," Ioki said proudly.

"Congratulations," Penhall said dully.

"Hey," Ioki tried to smile. "It's not like I'm moving away from here or anything. You'll still see me around town."

"Yeah, sure," Doug stood up and went over to his desk. He picked up his paper work and started going over it. Clavo trotted behind his uncle, confused. The little boy plopped down on his beanbag chair.

"Doug," Ioki said and approached the officer. "Doug, you know we can't be high school students forever. I mean, sooner or later, we'd have to leave Jump Street and be assigned to a new precinct. And, who knows if we would be assigned to the same precinct. The suits downtown could have decided to scatter us all over the city or something!"

Penhall rubbed the medallion he always wore. "Are you saying that would be worse than having us leave one by one? First Jenko dies, then Booker quits, next Tom leaves and now you! Is that worse than being reassigned?" Penhall growled.

Harry looked down at his feet. "I'm gonna miss this place, yeah, but at least, it's MY decision to leave Jump Street. I'm not being sent to a precinct with out my friends by some suit who hasn't done police work in twenty years!"

Doug buried his face in his hands. "How long have you been thinking about leaving?"

"Since I heard that Grandma was coming to America. You see the night INS visited the Chapel, Andrew Miles approached me with the office of a job at his dojo. I didn't want to say anything until I had made my final decision."

"To spare our feelings?" Doug asked bitterly. Ioki nodded. Tears fell down Doug's face. Judy buried her head into Fuller's shoulder. The only female Jump Street officer cried while her captain held her. Penhall stared Ioki in the eyes. "Harry, do you regret the four years you spent here?"

"No. I'm proud of what I did as a member of the Jump Street program. And, I'm glad that I made some very good friends while I worked here," Ioki smiled.

Doug stood up. Fuller pulled Penhall and Ioki into the embrace. Clavo scrambled from his beanbag and hugged Penhall's legs. Ioki wiped the tears from his face and turned to his desk. He picked up the cardboard box and a book bag from the floor.

"Well, it's been real, guys," Ioki said.

"Don't be a stranger, Harry," Fuller responded. "You'll always be welcomed at Jump Street Chapel."

"Thanks," Ioki smiled. "Hey, Doug, give my best to Tom, OK?"

"Sure," Doug smiled sadly.

Ioki left the Chapel. Doug flopped into his chair. His paper work sat forgotten. "Judy," Doug said quietly. "We're the only original ones left now." Hoffs hugged Penhall.

"I wonder which one of us will be the last original one?" She mused. She blanched when she realized how morbid that thought sounded. "I mean…"

"I know, Jude," Penhall grinned despite his tears. "I know."

Fuller stood in front of the officers. He cleared his throat and the pair looked up. "Why don't you two take the day off?" He suggested. "Paperwork can wait until Monday."

"Treat you to a beer?" Hoffs offered.

"Sure," Fuller said. "Doug?"

"No. I guess Clavo and I'll get an early start on our vacation," Doug answered.

"I understand. Give my best wishes to Tom, then."

"I will."

Doug and Clavo left Jump Street Chapel. Doug paused when he saw Ioki's old clunker of a car in the corner slot. It broke down three years ago and was never towed away. Penhall ran his hands over the rusted and dinged surface. Next to the clunker stood Jenko's old yellow van. The next spot stood empty. Tom Hanson's blue 1968 Mustang parked had parked in that spot for four years. Doug's yellow truck stood near his friend's empty spot, loaded with gear for a long weekend in Philadelphia.

"You ready, Squirt?" Penhall asked Clavo.

"Yep!" Clavo climbed into the front seat and buckled up. Penhall stared up at the stained glass windows of the Chapel, then entered his truck. The engine roared to life and the small family headed for Philadelphia.