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The Steward's Tale   Where Dreams Take You

Rated R for violence. AU story - Aragorn leaves Gondor in his Steward's care while he travels west, and Boromir falls into a new kind of darkness from which he must rescue himself without the help of his king. Sequel to The Captain and the King - see below.
In Progress)


Rated PG. Boromir travels from Gondor to Rivendell, looking for the answers to a riddle that could save his people.

Chapter 1: Progress
Chapter 2: The King's Departure

Chapter 3: Poisons in the Mud
Chapter 4: Slings and Arrows
Chapter 5: Nightmares
Chapter 6: Far Under the Misty Mountains Cold
Chapter 7: An Ill Wind
Chapter 8: Cold Be Hand and Heart and Bone
Chapter 9: Song for the Dead

Chapter 10: Star of the Dúnedain
Chapter 11: Awakening
Chapter 12: All Roads Lead to Rohan

Chapter 13: The King's Duty
Chapter 14: Into the Open

Chapter 15: Of War and Healing

Frontispiece artwork by Annys
Chapter 3 illustration by CowgirlSara
Chapters 4 & 8 illustrations by Skye
Chapter 15 illustration by plasticChevy


Chapter 1: The Road Taken
Chapter 2: The Cost of a Night's Lodging
Chapter 3: The Shadow of the Enemy
Chapter 4: The Deadliest Prey
Chapter 5: The King's Grace
Chapter 6: The Face of Hope
Chapter 7: The Making of the Fellowship
Epilogue: The Hands of a King...


The Captain and the King   LOTR Art Archives
Rated R for violence. AU story - Saruman believes Isildur's Heir is carrying the Ring, so he sends his orcs to capture the Men of the Fellowship. Aragorn and Boromir are taken prisoner at Parth Galen.

Some of the wonderful art sent to me by friends and readers doesn't fit into a specific chapter or story, but I wanted to share it with you just the same.

Click on the links below to see these beautiful works of art.

Chapter 1: A Journey into Darkness
Chapter 2: The Plains of Rohan
Chapter 3: Ugluk's Battle
Chapter 4: Alliances
Chapter 5: The White Hand
Chapter 6: Night Over Isengard
Chapter 7: Princely Baggage
Chapter 8: Fugitives
Chapter 9: Enemy at the Gates
Chapter 10: An Uneasy Peace
Chapter 11: Night Whispers
Chapter 12: Look to the East
Chapter 13: Out of Doubt, Out of Dark
Chapter 14: To the Day's Rising
Chapter 15: Once More Unto the Breach
Chapter 16: The White Tree
Chapter 17: Fellowship
Chapter 18: The Road Goes Ever On and On
Epilogue: The Last Steward

Illustrations by Kasiopea
and by Annys (ch. 9 & 12)

Print copies of this story, with chapter illustrations and full-color front and back covers, are available at: cgolledge@tac.com.au


Portraits by Skye:

Boromir - color portrait
Boromir - pencil portrait
Faramir - pencil portrait
Frodo and Sam

Portrait by CowgirlSara

Gil (as a drudge)


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