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Title Author Description/Timeframe Rating Size
The Kitten Intruders Firebunee Tom is trying to sleep only to be disturbed by strange sounds in the hallway. G 10KB
Trapped Firebunee Hanson/Booker are the only Jump Street officers sent to train with Metro when the training excercises go wrong. It's a race againist time to find the missing injured officers before a madman tracks them down. R 144KB
Waylon County High Firebunee Hanson, Penhall and Booker are loaned to a school in rural Waylon County to find those responsable for hazing and assulting students. R 176KB
Vengeance Firebunee The sequal to Waylon County High. Darren Thompson has escaped after only a few days in lock up. It has taken no time to catch up with an injured Tom Hanson. It's going to take more than Booker and Penhall to save him before Darren gets his revenge. R 264KB
The Lost Firebunee Booker met the love of his life. She's perfect for him. They begin their life together what could go wrong. What will happen when it does. Contains some detail of a rape and a death of a charactor... not a Jump Street Charactor. R 119KB
Caught in the Middle Firebunee With there cover blown Tom and Doug are unknowningly caught in the middle of a police cover up. R 94KB