So, you have a story you want archived...Great! We'd love to have it! Here's how it works:


1) Attach a header that includes the following information:

  • Title
  • Author (as you want your name to appear in the TOC and on the story page) and an indication of whether or not you'd like an e-mail link in the TOC.
  • Rating (a must)
  • Description. Must include warnings of excessive violence (such as rape or death of main character), slash romance/sex, etc. Should also include an indication of where in the series timeline the story falls (if that matters), whether or not it's a Challenge response, a cross-over, plays havoc with series continuity, etc.


    Title: Love Sucks
    Author: Claire the Psychotic (no e-mail link)
    Rating: R - language, violence
    Synopsis/Warnings: Hanson's latest love interest turns out to be trouble. Takes place in the fourth season, after Hoffs' rape. Includes scenes of non-consentual sex (not graphic). Cross-over with Star Trek: The Next Generation.

    Ratings Guidelines:

    G - Cool for everybody. No swearing, no violence.
    PG - Good for 13+ years. Can have mild swearing and some waving of guns, but no serious violence and no serious sex.
    R - Under 17 requires caution. Violence, swearing and sex okay, but not really horrible stuff and no full-frontal nudity. :)
    NC-17 - No one under 17, period, the end. This is for graphic sex (slash or straight) and excessive violence. If you've got torture scenes, characters getting maimed, Hanson having fingers lopped off and fed to him in a pie, it's NC-17.

PLEASE NOTE: The server that provides space for this archive does not allow the storage of sexually explicit or pornographic material. Stories rated NC-17 for sex (straight or slash) cannot be archived here!


2) Save the story as one of the following:

plain text format (.txt)
rich text format (.rtf)
Microsoft Word97 document
ASCII text (e-mail)

If you convert it to plain text or ASCII text and lose formatting in the process, please let me know how you've manually noted the formatting in the text (like using ** to indicate italics).


3) Attach the file to an e-mail message, or cut and paste the text into the body of the e-mail, and send it to: 21JumpStreetFic

Be reasonable about the size of the e-mail. Break longer stories into parts and send pictures in a separate message.


4) If you have a picture you'd like embedded in the story, or a quotation you'd like at the top (see "Ain't It a Drag" as an example of formatting), tell me that in your e-mail. Also tell me if you're dying to have the title a particular color.

Pictures should be attached as .jpg or .gif files, though I can handle just about any graphics format. Try not to overload my server!


5) Sit back and wait. :) It shouldn't take long, assuming I don't run into technical problems. I'll send you an e-mail to let you know, when it's posted to the page.