Need a little inspiration?? These are the challenges made to the fanfic list to get our creative juices flowing. Help yourself!

Archived stories written in response to these challenges are so noted in the Table of Contents description.

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The Object of My Affection Challenge
A story in which two of the Jump Street regulars (this can be anyone) are "in love" with the same object of affection - be it person, vehicle, pet, article of clothing, etc. - and see themselves as rivals. The solution must involve some kind of competition between the rival parties.

The Future Quest Challenge

The story must be, or have in part, a dream sequence.

The dream must be set in the future, or far future.

There must be a reference to another television cop series. (Past, Present or made-up)

A supporting character must have the first or last name of someone on this list. (A nickname will do.)

The Movie Quote Challenge

Use these quotations from movies somewhere in the story. (I will give extra credit points to those who add their own favorite quotes.)

"Step aside, Red!"
(Mallrats- Also in Dogma)

"Don't know where we're going, but no use being late."
(Quigley Down Under)

"I killed the president of Paraguay with a fork. How are you?"
(Grosse Pointe Blank)

"Great, It's the blood sucking Brady Bunch!"
(The Lost Boys)

The Paranormal Challenge A story using the supernatural/paranormal. Just a few possibilities... Hanson as a witch; the bloody history of the Chapel.
The Gratuitous Violence Challenge A story that earns an NC-17 rating for violence. This can be a 'Plot, what plot?' story, written simply because you felt the urge to torture somebody, or a serious piece. It can even be funny, if your tastes run that way. But it has to be BLOODY.
The Silly Challenge

A story of 1000 words or less, involving at least two regular Jump Street characters (this means anyone who made more than one appearance on the show). The story must include:

A dead movie star

A feather duster

Chocolate sauce


The lucite head that sits on Ioki's desk (you know...that ugly thing with the christmas lights in it that used to be Jenko's)

The Car Challenge A story that begins at 2 o'clock in the morning, in a main character's car. It doesn't have to stay in the car, but it has to start out there.
The Song Challenge A story that includes lyrics from a song that means something to one of the characters involved. The title of the story must be the title of the song, and some or all of the lyrics must appear in the text.
The "Penhall's Past" Challenge An enemy from Penhall's past decides to destroy him, by stalking and trying to destroy Hanson. It's a race against the clock for Doug to protect his partner. Will he be too late?
The "Dungeons & Dragons" cross-over Challenge Suppose Hanson's cousins were Bobby & Shelia, and he & Penhall went looking for them all?